Good Business is Good Risk Management


Redefining safety in the workplace 

In our global economy, the “workplace” takes on a complex, international meaning. Helping personnel stay safe — wherever they are — requires a new way to imagine how to think globally and act locally.

With the most highly engineered, timely, hyper-local safety scoring metrics ever created, GeoSure provides the world’s leading multi-national organizations with a revolutionary step forward in risk optimization and measurement.

GeoSure believes that risk, when properly managed and understood, becomes opportunity. Through a proprietary combination of big data, crowd-sourced reporting, and geo-spatial intelligence, GeoSure quantifies the relative vulnerability of personnel and assets across tens of thousands of locations worldwide.

Knowledge is Power 
(and opportunity)

GeoSure’s partner organizations utilize either raw safety scoring data as brand-enhancing safety information and planning content, or analyzed location and time-specific data sets to enhance decision making.

Local and to the minute

GeoSure incorporates the most accurate safety and security data on the market, with continuously updated ratings for every popular destination and major cities across the globe, right down to individual neighborhoods.

Safety data solutions and analytics are available for global non-profit organizations and for the following industries:

Travel & Tourism

Duty of Care and Travel Management Company safety solutions; awareness and planning content for world’s leading travel brands and technology companies.


Hyper-local risk factors for modeling and mitigating malicious perils such as kidnap and ransom, theft, arson, political violence/riot, workplace violence; as well as safety content and personal safety tools for policyholders.

Mobility & Transportation

Dynamic safety scoring and real-time data delivery for GeoSafeRoute™ navigation and next generation mobile safety.

Real Estate

Neighborhood-level safety trend measurement and tracking; ongoing asset monitoring and predictive analytics.

Our Vision

A safer workplace and a safer world

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