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For Developers

The GeoSure API provides GeoSafeScores™ (location safety scores) and associated safety awareness functionality for nearly 65,000 cities and neighborhoods.  Location safety scores are updated frequently and additional city and neighborhood partitioning/scoring are expanding rapidly.  GeoSure has developed one of the most granular location safety quantification systems in the world.

The API has two main points of entry – clients can either access data from a geographic bounding box or get GeoSafeScores™ for specific cities/neighborhoods.  Each request returns multiple features (cities / neighborhoods) in the GeoJSON standard (RFC 7946).  GeoSure also offers specific safety engagement features including Personalization, Experience Reports (i.e. crowdsourcing), Day/Night Score Adjustor™, Safety TripWire™, SafeRefuge™ and more.

GeoSure uses partner-specific API keys to allow access to the API.  For subscription pricing questions and partnership inquiries, please contact info@geosureglobal.com.