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Safer together 

Advancements in communications technology and data analysis are accelerating, alongside the growing recognition by community leaders that safety can be a core pillar for economic development.

GeoSure’s level of granular, timely safety data can be a powerful tool in the hands of city planners, urban developers, neighborhood groups, and others.

Our work, together, makes an ambitious goal possible: a safer, more prosperous world.

a more perfect union

As an objective measure of local environments, GeoSafeScores™ safety data follows the historic precedent of the US Census. The Founding Fathers of the United States sought a means by which to measure progress by collecting and standardizing available data, and cemented the concept in the US Constitution. GeoSure has taken a similar approach — but on a global scale specifically for the measurement and improvement of citizen safety.

Enhanced city- and country-level safety yields a positive feedback loop of improved safety reputations and greater trust in government institutions, leading to increased tourism, more jobs, better performing economies, and expanded access to international capital resources and investments.  

Not to mention a higher quality of life.

Local and to the minute

GeoSure incorporates the most accurate safety and security data on the market, with continuously updated ratings for every popular destination and major cities across the globe, right down to individual neighborhoods.

Our Vision

Residents as active participants in building stronger, safer, and more resilient communities.

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