The Four Travel Apps You Need Right Now!

August 28, 2018

I’m all about the travel bug — even if that means dealing with the anxiety that comes along with it. When preparing for my next adventure, I get a little help from my friend and mentor: my smartphone! I’ve traveled across Europe, and these four apps are lifesavers when it comes to organizing my travel.

Packr: Pack Like a Pro

One of the main sources of travel-related stress comes from knowing what to pack (why yes, I really do need three of those!) and what to leave behind. I recommend using an app like Packr, which customizes a packing list tailored to your destination length, weather, activities and more. And lists can be re-used, so you’ll never forget your contact solution again!

Google Trips: Arrive and Thrive

Picture this: Your ten-hour red-eye has finally landed. You’re hangry with some not-so-cute raccoon eyes, and you have a nasty kink in your neck. You feel disoriented to say the least. Need some directions and some food fast? Google Trips has you covered. From dining close to your hotel to getting around, discovering things to do and more, Google Trips will help you embrace the time change and slay your first day!

GeoSure: Know Before You Go

We all know the risks of traveling abroad as young women. Instead of looking over your shoulder every ten seconds, empower yourself with the information in real-time. GeoSure creates an easy-to-use numerical safety score for over 28,000 different neighborhoods worldwide compiled from the CDC, the World Health Organization, local crime statistics and even user reviews so that you can create your own risk assessment right from your phone. There is even a special consideration for women’s safety. Knowledge is power, ladies!

TripIt: Prepare with Flair

Save the trees, and make planning a breeze! Opt for digital organization with TripIt , an app that organizes all of your itineraries, reservations, tickets and directions in one place before you even get to your destination. Boom, done!