Open Road Calling You to Getaway But Not Sure it’s Safe Yet?

August 8, 2020

How Data Can Make Your Road Trip Even Safer

Just like board games and bread-baking, the Great American road trip is making a comeback during the pandemic. It’s wholesome family fun, filled with adventures and family bonding (you are shooting for something better than the Griswolds). But while Americans will take over 700 million trips in July, August and September according to AAA, people are hitting the road this summer amidst a nation suffering from Covid, many are still apprehensive unsure they can travel safely.

Publications covering every demographic from Travel and Leisure to Refinery29 to CNBC are providing recommendations and ideas for how to safe-travel-while-on-the-road. Their precautions and advice — including how to protect yourself in restaurants, motels and service stations — are valuable and should be observed. At GeoSure, however, we look at the road trip through a different lens. All these tips treat America as a single country, with consistent risks throughout. But that’s not the case. As we know from the recent spikes, which are clustered asymmetrically throughout the U.S., the virus is selective. Within states, even within cities, the distribution and concentration of viral hot spots is variegated and dynamic.

The NEW American Road Trip can be safer, and more anxiety-free -in addition to being GREAT –with GeoSure data helping you navigate. After all, a vacation is supposed to help you get away from it all, not get you into it all.

Developed long before the pandemic upended our lives, but more important now than ever, GeoSure is on a mission to make travel as safe, confident and inspiring as possible. To accomplish that, we created a platform that measures safety for more than 65,000 cities and towns worldwide. Our data is valuable because it is granular to the street level. We pull in information from hundreds of publicly available and proprietary sources. These macro and micro signals range from health information, to geo-political insights, to crime data, and physical safety and much more.

Using artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning, we compute risk by modeling complex streams of structured and unstructured data into a range of safety scores that measure not just physical safety — we even calculate risks for LGBTQ and female users — but what everyone wants to know now: hyper-local COVID data is baked into GeoSure’s Health and Medical category.

With GeoSure’s free app downloaded on your phone, we can keep you and your family as safe as possible on your road trip by providing real-time insights into the rapidly changing movement of the pandemic across the country.

Wherever your road trip may take you — a short jaunt from home, cross country or anything in between — the ability to explore with the confidence of the data in your hand and on your device will be enhanced by everything we deliver.

We are lucky that during this time, we have had the opportunity to spend more time with our immediate family, but most of us are itching to get out of the house and explore. We are also lucky that America offers by all accounts a limitless range of discovery opportunities, and GeoSure data gives you the ability to focus your trip on those places that represent the right places at the right time for you. All ascertainable by a simple score, one that is dynamic and changes, as the underlying data does.

In addition, our data makes vacations safer beyond the risks related to the virus, because our app also tells you what’s happening when the sun goes down or overall in the area so that you can decide to stay or will know when, where and how to venture out.

We believe that safety is a two-way street. We provide invaluable insight for the community, and in response the community can share its on-the-ground experiences with us. What you’re seeing and experiencing and feeling in the moment, will make everyone safer.

There’s magic and excitement in the open road, and this year more than ever we need to feel that sense of liberation. But while there are some things we want to be surprised by, in a good way, there others we need to know in advance. Nobody wants to put their and their family’s health at risk. Hand sanitizers and masks help you in the moment. GeoSure helps you before the moment and ultimately helps ensure you have the moment you set out to have — a truly Great American Road Trip.