GeoSure Partners with Emburse

October 13, 2023

GeoSure Partners with Emburse to Offer the GeoSure Safety and Security Module (GSSM) -- Enhanced Duty of Care Solution to Emburse Go Premier Customers

October 13th, 2023 – GeoSure, Inc., the leader in scaled hyper-local risk assessment and personalized duty of care technologies for managed business travel, today announced a partnership with Emburse, a leader in travel and expense (T&E) solutions. GeoSure will offer the GeoSure Safety and Security Module (“GSSM”) to Emburse’s global customer base for a rapid and accessible duty of care solution, integrated seamlessly into the Emburse Go Premier mobile app. The GSSM will empower Emburse customers to make smart, informed, cost-effective decisions while meeting Travel Risk Management (“TRM”) program requirements.

Emburse Go Premier is an all-in-one fully customizable corporate travel companion app for travelers and travel managers, powered by a digital pocket travel assistant. Its streamlined user experience, combined with GeoSure’s #newdutyofcare solution will give corporate travelers an even more personalized, human-centric experience offering hyper-local, contextualized safety and localized risk insights.

Dan Madden, GeoSure’s Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Partnerships, stated:

“Emburse’s travel and expense management solutions, with a focus on humanizing work-flows and gaining increased spend visibility, driving better outcomes, was a natural fit for GeoSure in our mission to democratize risk awareness and keep the end user safer, more informed.  We’re very excited to bring a cost-effective, highly scalable duty of care solution to the Emburse ecosystem.”    

Added Rebecca Sheehan, VP of Product Management at Emburse:  “GeoSure’s personally curated, risk assessment technologies, global coverage and scalability, along with seamless workflow present an ideal duty of care partnership. This integration gives our customers a simple and cost effective way to deliver peace of mind to their teams and meet their travel risk management and traveling employee safety obligations.”   

GeoSure’s award-winning geographic information system and risk measurement platform, recognized by Fast Company magazine for excellence in data science innovation, analyzes regional, national and local data to generate neighborhood safety scores and personalized insights across eight key risk categories. The company incorporates the most accurate structured and unstructured safety and security data on the market, with continuously updated ratings for 400,000+ locations across the globe, right down to individual neighborhoods. GeoSure’s secure APIs and integrated risk analysis UI enables real-time security updates and awareness for Emburse clients, seamlessly feeding fresh security scoring and data trend insights on vital issues such as Health & Medical Safety, safety for women, daytime/evening security, LGBTQ+ safety ratings, theft, physical harm and more.

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