GeoSure and mTrip Partner to Bring Enhanced Travel Safety Tools to Business and Leisure Travel

August 14, 2020

GeoSure Provides Must-Have Safety Awareness for Travelers During Global Health Crisis and Beyond 

BOULDER, Colo. and MONTREAL – Aug. 14, 2020  – GeoSure, the leader in providing real-time, hyper-local safety information for business and leisure travelers, announced today a partnership with the award-winning travel mobile app platform mTrip, to offer users from multinational corporations, travel management companies and online travel agency leisure travelers new safety features including access to localized safety information for over 65,000 cities and neighborhoods worldwide and Health & Medical risk ratings reflecting Covid19 and many of other health risk signals. 

“GeoSure is thrilled to partner with leading travel tech firm mTrip to provide a more confident travel experience by equipping millions of travelers with accurate and timely local safety information, including Covid19 awareness with the latest Health & Medical risk ratings,” said GeoSure CEO Michael Becker.  “Innovative traveler risk management solutions are necessary given the conditions travelers face today, and we commend mTrip for anticipating their client’s needs by offering safety ratings and personally tailored categories as additional value.  At GeoSure, our mission is to make travel as safe, confident and inspiring as possible.”

Beginning today, employees at some of the largest multinational corporations, Travel Management Companies (TMCs), tour operators and travel agencies can customize their mobile traveler experience within the mTrip app, allowing them to see prompts to view personalized safety data from GeoSure seamlessly integrated. 

The GeoSure platform measures safety for more than 65,000 cities, towns and neighborhoods worldwide providing an Overall Safety rating for each location, as well as a detailed assessment  provided for six other categories: Women’s Safety, LGBTQ+ Safety, Physical Harm, Theft, Health & Medical, and Basic Freedoms. With the integration of GeoSure, mTrip offers an all-in-one solution so that travelers are supported with latest safety and risk information.

“At mTrip, we’re always looking to deliver the best possible experience to our diverse clients and maintain a good balance between providing cost-effective solutions for companies and setting travelers up for success,” commented Frederic de Pardieu, CEO at mTrip. “GeoSure is an essential tool in the traveler toolkit – partnering with them enhances the services we offer and keeps travelers organized, educated and safety-conscious ahead of and during their trips.”

GeoSure supports the global travel ecosystem by provisioning travelers with "ubiquitous" safety awareness, reinforces a positive safety feedback loop in tourism economies, and helps organizations become leaders in Safety Stewardship™, rapidly advancing GeoSure's mission of "A Safer, More Predictable World." 

To learn more about GeoSure, their safety ratings and how their services may be helpful for future business or leisure travel, visit or inquire at

About GeoSure

GeoSure, the leader in scaled, location safety assessment, leverages Big Data, predictive analytics, and AI to calculate location-specific ratings represented as GeoSafeScores™. GeoSafeScores™ are a simple, standardized system that gauge relative risk of traveling personnel and physical assets anywhere in the world. GeoSure harvests country, city and neighborhood crime stats, health, economic, political data feeds and much more to generate ratings for over 65,000 locations worldwide. 

About mTrip

mTrip is a leader in mobile travel, with a unique range of white-label platforms and custom solutions developed for the leisure and business travel industries. With flexible applications that are created to meet the specific needs of travelers, mTrip helps travel companies incorporate mobile tech innovation and maintain their competitive edge. With a strong focus on traveler experience, mTrip builds “all-in-one” exclusive solutions that will allow each client to take their customer service, engagement, loyalty and revenue opportunities to the next level.

Founded in Montreal (Canada) in 2009, mTrip has gained over 4 million downloads, numerous awards, and is serving clients in over 35 countries. In June 2018, mTrip joined MisterFly, bringing its expertise in mobile over to this fast growing European group and their B2C and B2B projects.


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